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“Strategies of communicating with foreigners”


“Strategies of communicating with foreigners”

“Strategies of communicating with foreigners”

Another edition of advancedcourse “Strategies of communicating with foreigners” co-financed in the framesof Norway Grants has been carried out inside the Border Guard Centre forSpecialised Training in Luban from 25 to 29 May 2015.

The participants of the coursewere border guards working in departments dealing with foreigners’ affairs ofvarious Border Guard Regional Units, as well as representatives of the Officefor Foreigners, Silesian Government Offices and members of group.

The training was led byofficers of Migration Section of Foreigners Department of the Centre.

In the frames of the meetingthe participants were familiarised with such topics as: cultural aspects ofsuccessful communication with representatives of selected national andreligious groups, psycho-social consequences of migration and asylum seeking.During seven hours of workshops carried out by trainers from Mediatorzy.plgroup: Mrs. AgnieszkaZawadzka and Mr. Robert Boch, participants learned about methods related toovercoming obstacles and barriers while conversing with foreigners and themethods of dealing with conflict law enforcer – foreigner.

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