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Country Origin Information 1 & 4 – th December 2015

Mariusz Dąbrowski

Country Origin Information

Between 1 & 4 – th of December 2015, at the Border Guard Training Center for Specialised course entitled: „Country Origin Information” Trainings was conducted.
The course was dedicated for issues related to:
- granting protection to the third country nationals before expulsion, as well as
- carrying out the process of identification of the third country nationals present without any documents,
 conducted by BG authorities.
So the specific topics mentioned during the event, were:
1.Usage of COI in the administrative proceedings ,
2.The COI Standards,
3.Sources of COI,
4.Practical search for COI,
5.Usage of COI in the content of administrative acts .
The scope of the course included theoretical and practical classes.
The course was conducted by lecturers from the BG Training Center and Mrs. Ewa Cylwik, Mr Kamil Jarnicki from The Office for Forigners. The participants taking part in the course were from Nadodrzański, Bieszczadzki, Morski, Śląsko – Małopolski, Warmińsko – Mazurski, Podlaski, Nadbużański, Nadwiślański BG Divisions and from The Office for Forigners.
The event was co-financed from Norway Grants, Project no 26/NMF PL 15/14.

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